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Transformation, complexity and subjectivity--> A flat plane appears dimensional spining at certain frequencies, and a spectrum of colors are produced from a simple black and white disc. Flatland is an examination of ideas regarding space, and the interplay between multiple dimensions. The project derives its title from a novel written by Edwin Abbott at the turn of the 19th century which is set in a two-dimensional world, and follows the trials of a character who dares to imagine a third.

My interest in ways of seeing lead to a phenomenon called subjective colors, which provided a starting point for a deeper exploration into the realm of perception beyond the physiological. Methaphorically, the work operates as a gateway to another space/place/dimension. Meta/physical. Super/natural. A worm hole, a black hole, a portal. A revelation of complexity through a seemingly binary opposition.

Groupings of blak and white paper-faced discs rotate at a specific RPM [local temporal flicker frequency] which is sychronized to the wavelength of the light source. The following two phenomena occur: 1. The black and white discs vibrate with a spectrum of colors (know as Subjective Colors). 2. The flat discs create complex vortex patterns, and appear dimensional.